Committee Members 2017/18 and Duties.

The Chairman and Committee supply the Society’s voice on behalf of the membership to act or react to many issues, often along with conservation and residential groups charged with similar aims. In particular new developments within the sight lines of the Estate, especially within or near the Brighton Marina, as well as individual house or flat alteration planning applications are the focus of the Committee’s efforts.

These dialogues are invariably with area Ward Councillors, Council officials or Council Committee members. Whether information gathering or giving, the end purpose is to influence decision makers of our collective view on the matter at hand. Where such planning changes are considered to be contrary to the architectural integrity and appreciation of the Estate, insensitivity to the contiguous nature of the “whole” of the Estate, the Society has and will continue to take on all matters to challenge such change.

This is invariably necessitated by the erosion of maintenance of public spaces and services and degradation of building materials and craftsmanship and the erosion of confidence in public service to withstand the economic imperatives of short term decisions and the unintended impact of bureaucracy at the behest of political expediency.

The Society holds its Annual General Meeting in the springtime – usually May each year. The Treasurer issues the financial report of the Charity.

Simon Smith                Chairman

Jill Sewell                      Blue Plaques Committee

Keith Paulin                  Treasurer

Vaughan Rees OBE     Vice Chairman

Derek de Young           Conservation Advisory Group

Vanessa Minns           Editor Who’s Been Living in My House

Ann Wroe                   Newsletter Editor, Garden Party

Jayne Paulin              Secretary

Adam Liversidge       Membership

Paul Phillips              Heritage Organisations