The Council can only take certain matters into account when considering your comments on a planning application.

Issues that can be taken into account:

  • The proposal complies with the Council’s planning policies
  • A proposed use is suitable for the area
  • The appearance and size of a new building is appropriate
  • External alterations to an existing building are in character
  • Adjoining residents will suffer overshadowing, overlooking or loss ofprivacy
  • There will be any increase in noise and disturbance, e.g. from thecomings and goings of extra traffic
  • New buildings have satisfactory access for disabled people
  • New roadways and accesses will be safe for pedestrians and otherroad users
  • A proposed sign is too large or unsightly
  • The works are in keeping with a listed buildingIssues that cannot be taken into account include:
    • Loss of view
    • Boundary and other disputes between neighbours
    • Loss of trade from competing businesses
    • Loss of property value
    • Private legal covenantsPlease note:The Council will approve an application unless there are good planning reasons to refuse it. Conditions may be attached to a consent to cover points which may be of concern, or the applicant may be prepared to amend the plans to overcome such concerns.