Hospital Development. Lorry Route

Traffic route

Traffic route

The Coordination Centre for construction vehicles will be on the gas works site where there will be room for up to 30 lorries to park.

The route they will take is on the map above. Approximately 80 lorries will deliver to the hospital site every day at a rate of 10 per hour increasing the total vehicle movements on Eastern Road by 1%. The busiest periods will be mid 2017 and mid 2019.
A traffic light will be installed at Lidl.

A booklet explaining the hospital development has been issued by the NHS.


During August 2017 the lorries were seen to be using a completely different route avoiding traffic lights by using ‘rat run’ smaller roads at high speeds.

A prompt complaint by your KTS Committee to BHHC produced an instant result and for the moment the lorries are back on the route illustrated above !

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