At the meeting of the Hospital Liaison Group, held during the evening of Monday 18 January, it was announced that, contrary to all previous information they have given, the off Site construction and assembly area will now be on the Gas Works Site and not to the West of Brighton.  Heavily laden lorries (now maximum 28 tons laden weight not 40 tons) will therefore come via the Wilson Road Traffic Lights and up through the Marina underpass emerging at the West end of Arundel Terrace and proceed along Marine Parade, over the tunnel and Eastwards to Rock Gardens where they will turn right, up to the Hospital.

The effect of the vibrations on Arundel and Chichester Terraces and the lower ends of both sides of Lewes Crescent does not seem to have occurred to them.  In fairness they will, of course , be further away from the Estate than if they had routed them along Eastern Road but they will be laden, not empty.

Please write to your Councillor and maybe to the Chief Executive and/or Head of Traffic to express your concerns at the effect this may have on the delicate bungaroosh construction of our foundation-less Grade I listed houses and maybe seek confirmation that the Council has provided in the planning consents that the Developers will be financially responsible for all damage caused as otherwise you will be looking for the Council to meet any such costs.

KTS with KTE will be making enquiries with the authorities that the loads now considered will not exceed the recommended maximum weight over the Enclosures tunnel under Marine Parade. As information is learned, we will post it on the website.

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