The website has recently been given access to a huge number of documents relating to 46 Sussex Square. The property is a ‘Cubitt’ house and one of the few on the Estate still in sole ownership. It contains some extremely interesting plaster, cast- iron work and a bas relief, images of which can be seen on the WBLMH website. Some are reproduced here. The documents include a Deed of Covenant (1844): Mr Thos Cubitt to Thos Read Kemp, relating to a Committee to run the Pleasure Gardens and the specifications for the dimensions of the house, balconies, railings etc. We also have the Conveyance of the Property in 1855 to the first resident owner, Thomas Almond Garth Esq.

Perhaps the most familiar name on the list of residents in the Street Directories is that of Anthony Dale, founder of the Regency Society and the man responsible for saving huge swathes of important architecture in Brighton from demolition in the heedless sixties.

No 46 was bought by Joseph Liddell in 1904. He left it to his daughter Dorothy Dale in 1921; she subsequently transferred ownership to her son Anthony in 1951. Both Joseph and Dorothy sat on the Enclosures committee, and it was Dorothy who managed to save the North Garden and a large section of the South Garden from being requisitioned by the War Office during the second world war.

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