The Royal Sussex Hospital Development


The following planning permissions were granted on Friday 27th January:

 1. Listed building consent demolition of the Bristol Gate piers:

2. Listed building consent- demolition of hospital chapel.

 3. Full planning

 Demolition of existing hospital buildings located to the North of Eastern Road and to the south of the Children’s hospital building and Thomas Kemp Tower. (including the Barry Building)

Addition of helicopter landing pad and associated trauma lift on top of Thomas Kemp Tower:

 Erection of new hospital buildings incorporating Stage 1

 2 floors of underground parking (405 spaces) with new access from Bristol Gate and associated highway works:

 Cycle parking, external amenity spaces, including roof gardens and landscaping:

NB: The development is in 2 stages.

Stage 1 is the new development to be connected with the Thomas Kemp Tower.

Stage 2 is the re development of the Barry Building Block.

 The demolition is planned to start in the autumn of 2013. The period of the development is likely take 10 years.

 Planning permission has to be obtained for the location of a Consolidation Centre and the access routes to and from the Centre to the hospital during the course of the development.

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