In celebration of the launch of ‘Who’s Been Living In My House’ pages 2- 4 of this newsletter contain the introduction to and details of how to locate your house on the KTS website.

Committee Matters – which also matters to our Society members
More help is now urgently wanted and needed.
In the Spring and Summer Newsletters I announced that I will be retiring from the committee at the end of the year having served for nearly 12 years and asked for volunteers to fill the vacant posts. We have received two offers; Ann Wroe who will act as editor of future newsletters and Zoe Woodward who has offered her services by becoming the Membership Secretary. We do, however, still need to fill the other three vacant positions in readiness for 2016; Treasurer, Fundraising Events Organiser, plus a Minutes Secretary to record the four committee meetings a year. May I please, once again, reinforce my plea to our members for anyone wishing to be more involved in our Society? Do email me or telephone to talk about the posts – Joan Griffiths 01273 625130 (if I am not around please leave a message and I will contact you within a week) or just drop me a line on joan@rottingdean.me

Our monthly events – which have continued to raise funds for the Society.
After the May AGM we held a free open day for Society members, who were not key-holders, to visit the Enclosure’s Gardens on Saturday 13 June. On 18 July we held an excellent Garden Party which was not only enjoyed by a great many people, both members and new residents, but also received a great deal of voluntary assistance from our members. They set up the event and ran the various stalls which ultimately raised a great deal of funds for our charity. On 21 August our coach party to Chichester enjoyed an excellent meal at The Ship followed by exuberant performance of ‘Mack and Mabel’ at the Festival Theatre. Our popular informal lunches, were held at Busby and Wilds in January, April and September, these gave the opportunity for members to meet and also introduce new members into our fold. Our final KTS organised coach trip on 29 October will be going to Glyndebourne to see ‘Abduction from the Seraglio’ after a supper in the marquee. This is now fully booked and I am sure those of you attending are looking forward to this scintillating opera. Those of you not able to attend this year, don’t forget we organise this popular trip every year.

Finally a word from Ann Wroe on the Garden Party, she sends a huge ‘thank you’ to all of you who helped make the event such a success and also adds a cheeky plea to all you jam makers to please reserve a pot for next year’s produce stall!


Who’s Been Living in My House (WBLMH) is going live ! From October 15th you will be able to follow a new link on our website kemptown-society.org.uk which will take you straight to the new pages.

WBLMH is a brand new archive on which you can look up any house on the Estate and then discover as many residents as we have been able to find, who lived in that house, since it was built up until 1970. In additions, you can look at the Census reports from 1841 to 1891 and see the entire household record for each house on Census day, including all the servants, children and scholars. To enhance these rather dry lists we have included a House History button for each property. This project is about people and how they lived in our houses. The House Histories encompass any and everything that can be discovered about that property. So far we have only a few houses illustrated in this way, and are hoping that a lot more information will be forthcoming from you, our members and your friends. When you have had a browse on the pages do get in touch if you have anything you would like to add.

WBLMH is just at the beginning, a work in progress, and we intend that it will grow and grow as more and more histories are added.

To make this archive, a small team including Andrew Lansdown, Keith and Jayne Paulin, Nickie Swaden Ward and Zoe Woodward have made over 25,000 entries on spread sheets – it has taken a while ! Simon Smith provided much information concerning the early years on the Estate and indeed, has written the copy for all the main pages. Many residents have also contributed.
Thank you all very much.

I hope you will all enjoy this addition to our resources, keep looking, there will be constant additions !

Vanessa Minns
Project designer







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