Newsletter Summer 2010

With three months of shimmering summer ahead of us there will be the usual round of garden parties, outings and sports events to enjoy before autumn makes its golden appearance. KTS are adding a number of events to this programme for you to enjoy and the full details follow the planning and conservation update from our Chairman.

Chairman’s Report

The activities of the Society are proceeding at a rapid pace, steered by your dedicated Committee members. The summer programmes set out below will fill your diaries with monthly and highly rewarding events. Everyone returns feeling enriched by them and the company of others with whom they have travelled. The added benefits of cost savings and ease of transportation are incentive enough! Please book up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We hope you ALL will come to the Garden Party, which, if we are lucky again with the weather as last year, will again be the high point of year for our community and our shared values in the glories of the Estate. Vanessa Minns to her great credit has undertaken the huge preparatory tasks to make it an undoubted success again. Do bring guests and particularly those who are new neighbours to include them in what you value. We need as many people on the Estate as possible (and beyond) to appreciate the Society is not the preserve of a few but for as many as possible to cherish and support its common aims.

Planning issues continue unabated. The Marina Inquiry decision is scheduled for July 13th, so no doubt we will be making an announcement at the Garden Party. Our voice with the Council is

more vigilant than ever. We have met with the Conservation officers to seek their understanding we are wanting to work with them to protect our City’s heritage and not simply to oppose everything. We are engaged with the monthly meetings of the Conservation Area Group with great vigour, thanks to Derek de Young’s commitment to follow all local planning applications in great detail. We are working closely with ALL parties over the proposed Royal Sussex Hospital redevelopment, which will affect us potentially more directly than the Marina proposal. We will issue a separate report of our representation, but note Monday July 26th 7-9pm for a public hearing at Audrey Emerton Building opposite the Hospital. For background information please look up:

Mark Eynon is preparing with his professional skill the Thomas Kemp Day, Saturday 25 September. It will be an enriching day! Tours, talks, music and food – a celebration! This is a major attraction for not only Kemp Town but for a wide audience across Brighton. It will enable us all to gain a greater understanding of the man and his vision. Please pick up the “early bird” flyer at the Garden Party. We want ALL members to come and even contribute to its success. In particular, we are seeking access to the most important architectural featured homes on the estate, which might include a staircase, a plaster relief or a ceiling. Such guided tours are by ticket and limited in numbers. Please let Mark or me know you would be willing to share something of your homes’ special features.

Our efforts to raise the profile of our Society with other conservation societies continues. All the City’s heritage Societies and Associations need at times to find a common voice. We have invited all Chairmen of these groups to our Garden Party to foster this endeavour of mutual support to uphold our built heritage. So come and meet them!

Additionally, I personally have connected with major societies to help us with our efforts. Having gone through the Marina Inquiry, we need to find the support of more national bodies, such as English Heritage, SaveBritains Heritage, and the Heritage Alliance. There is no doubt we will bolster our voice with the support from such societies, whether it is to help us in the preservation of the fabric of our buildings with authoritative advice or conserving our heritage.

My sincere apologies that the Website is not running. We have lost our “webmaster” but gained another. We are rebuilding it on a new platform, which will make it worthy of the quality we see around us and a good site too. It is taking time, as we do not have the luxury of paying the going rate for this. But rest assured it will be professional. Practically, it will be much easier to update and make it interactive for Members. In line with the above, we are getting permission to access our heritage “partners” through the site. This is a slow process, but I’m sure will be worth it. I too can only dedicate so much time to plan and create its content.

I look forward to seeing you around, but should you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so at


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