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There was an article in the Argus on 27th January 2012 in which it was indicated that the 1st phase of the outer Brighton Marina harbour development might start by the end of the year. This is the development on the Spending Beach and West Quay for which planning permission was granted in 2006. The permission includes the 40 storey ‘Roaring Forties’ tower, an architecturally striking building which is thought to be influential in the granting of the permission but  which is timetabled to be in the last phase of the development and which many people think will be impossible to build.

Andrew Goodall claimed in the article that “We have got a live planning application but within that we are moving some of the car parking around”.  We understand the application to amend the planning permission is rather more to it than that and will include:

removal of the proposed harbour offices;

removal of yacht club;

removal of lift for residents in the north core;

removal of an emergency staircase;

removal of dedicated loading bay;

more retail space (given by the release of space from harbour offices and yacht club).

This is not yet certain, and Brunswick have not specified where the Harbour Office and Yacht Cub will eventually end up, which must raise suspicions that, like the children’s playground to be built as part of the Seattle Hotel development, these will never arrive.  It is also possible the emergency parking for the lifeboat men might be included in the moving of the RNLI parking area from ground level to basement.

Kemp Town Society  has established from the Planning Officer that while plans have been submitted for attachment, these relate to the existing application.  She understands that a new application relating to parking is imminent.   This will be a separate application and require the usual consultation and procedures.  We will continue to watch the planning register for its appearance.

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