Conservation Advisory Group

At the Annual General Meeting held on April 14th, 2012, Mr. Derek DeYoung was unanimously elected as the Society’s representative on the Brighton and Hove Council’s Conservation Advisory Group. The Group meets regularly to advise the Council on conservation implications of planning matters.

During the course of the year, Derek has represented KTS in a number of strategically important areas..

1) BHCC has put in a process to reduce the number of representatives at CAG. This has taken place, but not without form-filling and letters to secure KTS remains an active voice at CAG.

2) Throughout the summer, the issue of the Sight-Seeing buses passing down Eastern Lewes Crescent has been and remains an on-going matter for affected residents. It is no dismissive matter, when bus passengers can readily look into your living room and other rooms fronting the road.

In any event, KTS’s voice has been thorough and proactive with letters of appeal, gaining the support of  CAG to support these residents.

(Our principle opinion is that the access roads fronting these properties, are not ‘commercial’ highways as such. The buses run every 15 mins during the high summer. The roads are too narrow for the buses and a hazard to residents and children accessing their gardens). We do not want these roads to become “rabbit runs” for traffic in general.

3. Individual Estate Planning Application comments by KTS, where permitted to do so,  and elsewhere across the City, has been tireless. KTS voice is small but effective.


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