General Planning Information

Grade I listing means that any alteration outside and/or inside the property is subject to a full planning application to the Brighton and Hove Council Planning Department. Grade II and II* requires planning consent for exterior renovations. This can be undertaken by the owner of the property themselves or by their appointed agent.

The Society welcomes sympathetic restoration and renovations. The Society holds no authority in the Council’s decision, but opposes inconsiderate applications, which are contrary to the spirit of conservation of the plasterwork, walls, ceilings, flooring, windows, balconies, railings,and other Regency features inherent in the original structure. The Society is on the alert for renovation works commenced without planning consent and welcomes contact by residents who wish to make us aware of such works which are contrary to ideals and standards imcumbent upon the Society to uphold.

The Regency Society has published some useful guidance on the care and restoration of Listed buildings. You can find it here.

The Society may support actions taken by the council against owners and their builders who have undertaken renovations or alterations without planning permission.

Further Planning contacts are as follows:

Contact in KTS Sub-Committee
Paul Phillips

Other Contacts:
City Planning, (Incorporating Conservation and Design and PLanning Policy)
Hove Town Hall,
Norton Road,Hove,
BN3 3BQ.

Conservation Advice
01273 292271

Planning permission
01273 292509

Main Council Website

Guidance and Documentation, Planning Issues, Within the Estate

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