The Brighton Marina Regeneration

The Public Inquiry commenses on November 3rd in the East wing of the Brighton Centre at 10 o’clock. The proceedings commence everyday set out below at this time.

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The Dates of the Inquiry to which ALL ARE REQUESTED TO ATTEND when they have time – make time!

  • 3 – 6 November 2009
  • 10 – 13 November 2009
  • 17 – 20 November 2009
  • 24 – 25 November 2009
  • 1 – 4 December 2009
  • 8 – 9 December 2009

You are permitted to speak at the inquiry. All MUST register your desire to speak with or 01273 292322 BEFORE NOVEMBER 3rd or in person at the Inquiry ON NOVEMBER 3rd.

Remember, the Council’s Sub-Planning Committee rejected the Planning application, so we are on the side of the Council. I will advise you when I will be making our case at the Inquiry, but it will likely be in the second week after the Council Representatives have made their cases.

Please read our written submissions, the Marina Summary of Proof and Marina Statement Case and Proof of Evidence, all of which form part of our case. The Proof of Evidence is the main document setting out in greater detail our main technical reasons for our opposition to the development proposed. Appendices are added to these Proofs of which we have approximately 19 documents extracted from many sources including photos in addition to the ones in the proof but not exhibited here. Enjoy the read!

As your Chairman, I have made a personal committment to defend the Kemp Town Estate and the Conservation Area with vigour and integrity. You will see the depth of detail required to test the developer’s planning authority, which is also based on planning law and guidelines and confirmed by many experts. So this is no easy task.

A Joint Message by the Following Resident Associations

  1. The Brighton Marina Residents Association
  2. The Berth Holders of Brighton Marina
  3. The Kemp Town Society
  4. The Marine Gate Action Group
  5. The Roedean Residents Association
  6. The Black Rock Residents Association (Newly Formed)
  7. Save Brighton

The previous Council administration was misguided by allowing the Marina to become a “brownfield site” and a “district centre”. Such permission has resulted in allowing a formidable building contractor Laing O’Rourke (Explore Living) to propose yet another excessive residential development, which will overpower the Marina as a yachting and tourism destination and impact the surrounding area with insurmountable transportation and traffic congestion and parking problems. At the expense of all! The amended plans, again, totally ignore the height restriction (cliff height to the front (southern) breakwater) imposed by the Marina Act 1968.

The whole plan is predicated on the imposition of affordable housing by Downing Street on Councils. It is no place for such a high quantity of affordable housing, which excludes families with no outdoor “open” space.

There is no evidence the better-off will pay for a new Asda store and housing by purchasing expensive housing in a concrete jungle

Great detail and effort has gone into these plans, but we very strongly believe they create more problems than it solves.

The proposed development is sincere in its intent, but sincerely wrong.

Our Natural and Built Heritage Squandered

The Marina, surrounded by the sea, the chalk cliffs, some of England’s prized architectural heritage and Brighton’s unique seafront will be compromised for generations to come.

Regeneration of the Marina therefore must meet far more stringent standards. This amended plan flies in the face of many other stated policies, which have to be trashed if this proposal is permitted.

The adverse economic times allows Council time to reject and take a measured reappraisal of this imposed housing and substantially improve this plan. Greater attention to what matters locally is promised in “consultation” documents and allow a more rational integration of the other sites within and around the Marina – as well alternative sites for housing.

Cramming in so much housing with no improvements to the Marina’s existing internal infrastructure (sewage and water, etc.) and road systems will overpower it.

The future reputation of the City of Brighton and Hove could potentially be compromised by the social implications caused by ill considered affordable housing in an isolated area.

Prioritising one policy over that of many others. This application bends many planning “safeguards”

Strategic views to be exchanged for a forest of tall buildings affecting all.

The Proposal in Brief – 1,301 new flats

  • 28 storey tower 148 units 8 storeys higher than the top of Marine Gate
  • 16 storey tower 222 units twice the height of the cliffs
  • 11 storey 117 units 3 storeys above the height of the cliffs
  • 3 X 10 storeys 779 units 2 storeys higher than the cliff
  • 5 storey 35 units as per highest existing building heights

A super block to house the new Asda super store, car park, community centre and retail outlets. 1471 parking (805 residential, 666 Commercial), 1907 cycle park.

The Councils summary page on the project
Do your part to raise your informed concerns. Follow the instructions at the end.  Please read carefully the basis of our concerns and recommendations.

    • Nearly half the new residents to be without parking. (A new class of “have nots”?)
    • REDUCED Public parking (public car park being partly demolished).
    • Increasing ASDA store by 30,000 sq.ft and more commercial spaces with less parking is nonsense
    • Proposed increase in economic viability compromised by even greater restrictions of movement within and around the Marina
    • The Official Traffic Report states in unequivocal terms the Traffic Plan is unacceptabl
    • Will you really go shopping by BUS for weekly shopping?
    • Waiting buses and taxis will block access to the existing residential area
    • The “Square-about” is no solution to solving the movement of vehicles AND stationary buses at the same time.
    • Will you regularly bicycle and find your way to one of nearly 2,000 parking racks in the driving rain and winds so common on our exposed shore?
    • Access into and out of the Marina won’t cope with approx 6,000 people living/working there
    • NO provision for the increased number of workers and visitors?
    • NO ROOM for special event Visitors into the Marina
    • External infrastructure of roads into and out of EAST Brighton has not been addressed – a glaring policy error
    • The road system into and out of the Marina and its connection with Wilson Ave and A259 has been ignored whilst adding a proposed small town on our shoreline
    • The main coast road now reduced by bus lanes, causing more hazards and congestion for drivers
    • No new escape routes for emergency services to main road.
    • The massing of buildings will impose an urban landscape instead of a marine landscape on Eastern Brighton
    • An additional 9 tall buildings will replace the cliff top as the natural visible profile of Eastern Brighton
    • The buildings shape and finishes are not in keeping with the highly acclaimed Regency heritage buildings of national importance
    • The density of buildings will suffocate the natural openness of area. The proposed density has been calculated to be the same as Mumbai (Bombay, India).
    • The concentration of buildings will block views of the cliffs
    • Many flats will never see the sun
    • The wall of four contiguous buildings along the western breakwater will starve the interior of the Marina of western sunlight and overpower the Conservation Area Beach
    • Our built heritage is generally over 150 years old. The proposed standard of construction is limited to 80 years – only 20 years over the minimum in the most hostile environment
    • The wind “vortex” effect from a high concentrated series of tall buildings profoundly increase the wind speeds at street level – no studies made to address this
    • The storm waves will make the western breakwater homes unacceptable dwellings
    • The western facing “breakwater” buildings will create an unacceptable wall of glass with mirroring effect from Brighton centre views
    • No place for families. Apart from the rooftops and the “eco park” on the Undercliff  walk, there is nowhere children can kick or throw a ball. It is completely devoid of open or green space areas
    • The Council is preparing a strategic plan for the whole of the Eastern End of Brighton – the Marina, the gas holders site and Black Rock (SPD Masterplan). If this application is passed now, it will completely dominate the remaining building  area and eliminate the opportunity to introduce major plans – making the consultation on the plan irrelevant and limiting its usefulness.

Here Are Some Positive Solutions We Would Like to See

  1. Reduce the scale of the residential development to a similar density of the present area (proposal is 12 x the local area)
  2. Reduce the height of the buildings TO BELOW CLIFF HEIGHT respecting the intent of the Marina Act 1968
  3. Create green space within the development at ground level
  4. Require the remaining commercial areas submit plans for the redevelopment of the area around the Cinema and David Lloyd or limit their development to “as is”.
  5. Build on the ASDA car park without removing the acceptable present ASDA store
  6. Develop the amount of pedestrian pathways to and from the Marina broadwalk.
  7. Build more pedestrian broadwalk near the boating areas
  8. Improve Marina access by car, foot and bicycle
  9. Consider amendments to the MARINA ACT
  10. Approve the new Marina Masterplan SPD (from PAN04) before approving new planning applications
  11. No Explore Living Marina plan approvals until the Black Rock and other “unimproved” site plans are submitte

What You Should Do About It, if You Haven’t Already?

Write to your Councillor
c/o Kings House,
Grand Avenue,

Write to the Planning Department
Maria Seale, Development Control,
Brighton and Hove Planning Department
Hove Town Hall,
Norton Road,
East Sussex,
BN2 2BQ            

cc. The Planning Subcommittee consists of: ;;;;;;;;;;;

Also go to “OBJECT NOW!” and complete your objection – including your name and address!

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