Enclosures Southern Boundary Railings – Update.

A up-date on the Railings project.

We can confirm Kemp Town Enclosures have signed on the Surveyors, Frankham. With the transfer of the lands and planning consent in place, pressure is now for the tender documents to be sent out to three specialist in each category of work to be undertaken. This includes the cast iron work, the stone plinths and wall re-construction (in brick and flint). These specialties are to meet high conservation standards to reduce the level of long term maintenance to the minimum. It is confirmed that the tender docuemnts have been issued. This followed extensive investigation into the suitable bidders for the work, and the detailed tender documents vetted for preferences and criteria for contracted work. We await the outcome by the end of the month (July).

The role of the Society is to raise further funding for the project. We have approach three already, English Heritage, The Heritage Lottery Fund and Ironmongers Charity, with more being identified and contacted. There is to be an ongoing fundraising programme directed to the major charities, local businesses and the local area throughout the summer until the total costs are covered.

If any Members are experienced in fundraising and have a desire to assist the Chairman in this regards, please kindly make contact with him. chairman@kemptown-society.org.uk

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