The winner of the 2020 KTS Quiz, of necessity an emailed affair, was Sue Craig, and the runners-up Pip Tucker and Frans Blok. Congratulations to them! And thanks also to those other plucky members who had a go. The answers to the  50 questions follow.

Several entrants were kind enough to say that they found the quiz a useful learning experience, though challenging. Certainly competitors were required take to the streets and to look upwards, at the hopper on the north side of St Mark’s or the clumsily joined acanthus leaves at the top of 50 Sussex Square – or downwards, at Handyside’s name on the pillar box, or that Millennium (sic) plaque in the pavement by the parking ticket machine at Montague Place.

It was also good to see use being made of the Who’s Been Living in My House? Website, that constantly growing archive of the 105 houses that comprise the KT Estate.  As well as enabling one to find out who Cubitt’s neighbours were in those early days, or what holds bungaroosh together, it is a fascinating historical treasury. If you have photographs of your house to share, or stories to tell, do let us know.

It is difficult to determine when we will be able to meet again as a society, but our hope is that next year’s quiz will once again be the convivial event we have come to enjoy in EF Language School.

Round 1 Kemp Town

1. Who constructed the Esplanade ?

William Ranger

2. Why was hydraulic lime so important in the construction of the Estate? 

Main component of bungaroosh, which binds other elements together

3. Who built the walls around the Secret Garden in Bristol Place?
4. What is the correct name for the material used in the construction of the walls?

William Ranger
Ranger’s Artificial Stone

5. Where could a housekeeper/cook buy fish locally ?

Fish market on the beach

6. Who was responsible for drawing the earliest surviving map or plan of the Estate? 

John Pigott Smith 1826

7. Where did TRK’s brother-in-law live?
8. What was his name?

26 Sussex Square
Philip Laycock Storey

9/10. Name 2 of Thomas Cubitt’s neighbours.

Archdeacon Walter 12 LC
Henry Baring 14 LC

11. Where, on the Estate does the design of the area railings differ from the majority?

Chichester Terrace

12. When was permission given to build porches on to the houses?
13. How many porches  have Ionic columns on each side?

Two (13 SS and 50 SS)

14. What restriction was requested of all residents in February 1908?

Gardens reserved for the sole use of Edward 7th while staying at Fife House

15. Which house on the Estate has a single blue plaque commemorating  2 Remarkable Residents?

17 Lewes Crescent (Lord Elwyn Jones and Pearl Binder) and 18 LC (Herbert Wilcox and Anna Neagle.) Either answer allowed.

Round 2 From Kemp Town to Kemptown

16. What was Eastern Road at Sussex Square originally called?

York Street

17. Why might the name Handyside be familiar to Kemp Town residents?

The name appears on the base of pillar box Handyside manufactured.

18. For what purpose was 238 Eastern Road built?

A bus shelter (for what became the No 1 route)

19. Who paid for the building of St Mark’s (now The Spire)?

The Marquess of Bristol

20. Under which Primary School did the Kemptown railway tunnel run at its north end?

Elm Grove Primary

21. The foundation stone for what (now demolished) building on the south side of Eastern Road was laid on 29 July 1833?

All Souls Church (A Wagner church, demolished 1969)

22. What word is mis-spelt on a plaque in the pavement at the bottom of Montague Place?

MILLENNIUM (an N is missing)

23. What celebrated comedian was born in Hereford Street?

Max Miller, aka The Cheeky Chappie

24. What sort of a shop was Oakley’s in Montague Street?

An Aladdin’s cave of a  hardware shop.

25. Garnet House at the bottom of College Road was built on the site of what?

A stable yard (for the Burlington Hotel)

26. How did Miles Byrne entertain visitors to Sudeley Place?

He owned the Continentale Cinema, first for art, then adult, films.

27. What amenity used to be on the east side of Park Street?

Public baths

28. Which playwright lived at 79 Marine Parade?

Terrence Rattigan

29. What maternal role did Jean Anderson play in a 1957 children’s television   serial?

She played mother in The Railway Children

30. What tragic event occurred in Kemptown on the afternoon of Saturday 14 September 1940?

The Odeon Cinema just east of St George’s was bombed, killing 6 children

Round 3 General Knowledge

31. Thames House is the headquarters of which organisation?


32. What fruit is used in the manufacture of Calvados?

Apples or pears

33. A pony is slang for how much?


34. A dog called Uggie gained notoriety for appearing in which film?

The Artist

35. How many wind turbines make up Rampion Wind Farm?


36. Invicta is the motto of which English county?


37. Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in what year?


38. What is the most northerly capital city in Europe?

Either Helsinki or Reykjavik allowed

39. According to the Beatles song, how many holes are in Blackburn?


40. Alan Bennett’s The History Boys is set in which city?


Round 4: Photos

1          No 1 Arundel Terrace

2          Bristol Gardens 36a-36b

3          Rock Street, rear of 3 Sussex Square

4          The Temple, east end of Esplanade

5          Sundial in South Gardens

6          Electricity sub-station, Roedean Road

7          North side of St Mark’s Church (The Spire) Eastern Road

8          Rear of The Leas, 34-35 Sussex Square

9          Bell Tower Industrial Estate, Roedean Road (former St Mark’s School)

10        50 Sussex Square/16 Lewes Crescent