Last year the Society were saddened not to be able to hold the Summer Garden party because of the Covid lockdown. To replace it we organised at short notice a competition to find the best Patio garden on the Estate. It was hard to choose a winner from the 19 entries! Regular passers-by enjoyed looking over the railings and seeing the wonderful and creative ways gardeners had added colour and texture  to the street -scape. So many people told us that they appreciated the efforts of basement- dwellers to make a garden with no soil and a few pots, that we have decided to continue to hold the competition…but this year you have more notice!

We shall judge the competition during the week beginning 21 June and announce the winner on Saturday 26 June at noon, when the Garden Party would have been starting. Entries please before 1st June to

Our chief judge will once again be Maggie Tattersall who writes;

“As a gardener I appreciate knowing when my plot has to be looking at its best. This year competition entrants have longer to plan. Now is the time to sow seeds and dream of a wonderful display in June so as to win the competition!

Please enter this year. It was so good to meet those of you who did last year and enjoyed it, Isn’t it wonderful to look out of a window and see growing things rather than a blank wall!”