Many thanks to all the many KTS members who submitted objections to the plans for development of the former Kemptown gasworks site near Black Rock and Brighton Marina.

Here is a statement issued by Gary Wilkinson, one of the Kemptown councillors:

“As a Kemptown Councillor I have spoken against the gasworks development and I am delighted that this application has been refused. 

Many thanks to Cllr Gill Williams who spoke so passionately at today’s planning committee. 

This is great news for local residents and an opportunity to re-think the approach to the site. 

Having lived close to the gasworks site I agree with many in the local community that this would have been an overdevelopment and completely out of keeping with the character of the surrounding area. 

In addition I do not believe that it would have delivered the truly affordable housing that local people need or the right mix of housing.

This high density, high-rise development of 495 units at 12 storeys high is in stark contrast to the largely low rise residential neighbourhood. 

 This application met with a large number of community objections which were well articulated. I am a great believer in bringing decision making closer to local people and for once it seems that local people have been listened to. 

 Local residents and community action groups have been vindicated in their opposition to what would have been a huge blot on the landscape. 

Cllr Gary Wilkinson”