There is a petition running until 24 June on the Brighton and Hove City Council website. If it is signed by 1250 people it will be presented to the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee on 25 June.

The petition says:

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to focus on the enormous amount of street litter, human faeces on stairs and beach, overflowing bins, unsatisfactory street cleaning, dog fouling and graffiti throughout Kemp Town. We also need to improve recycling access and sorting to all households.

We need to urgently improve the cleaning of Kemp Town. We need to make the streets clean and safe so that families can fully enjoy Kemp Town and all it has to offer. The streets in our part of Brighton are significantly dirtier and Kemp Town has more “no go” areas than other parts of Brighton and Hove. We are behind with access to proper and efficient household recycling.

If you would like to sign the petition it can be found here: